Each year, young people from our church are invited to serve others by volunteering a week of their time to do construction work for those in need.  Projects involve painting houses, repairing roofs, building decks, accessible ramps and other work as needed.  During the week, the youth have the opportunity to share God’s love with those they are serving, as well as participate in worship and devotion activities led by their peers.  Recent mission locations have included Buffalo, NY, Chattanooga, TN, Neptune, NJ and Franklin, NC.  Contact the church office if you would like to speak to a youth or youth leader about this meaningful opportunity.


Additional World Changers Background

The World Changers experience is a complete approach to a student mission project which includes personal preparation, group development and an understanding of the on-mission lifestyle.  Your students’ lives will be changed as they participate in a hands-on mission project. Students will learn to put their faith into action as they work on a needy resident’s home and share the love of Christ through their service. They will be challenged to adopt the on mission lifestyle when they return home. They will also be called to move beyond a one week experience to a deeper level of commitment in their relationship with Jesus Christ.SoreThumbs2IMG_1858IMG_1846

World Changers seeks to provide a dynamic missions experience for Christian Youth and adults with opportunities to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others through practical learning experiences that teach servant hood and personal commitment to missions.

World Changers has been in operation for over 20 years.  This year they have approximately 100 projects around the US.

World Changers national work projects began in the summer of 1990. Briceville, Tenn. hosted 137 youth and adults one week in the World Changers pilot project. High school youth painted, re-roofed, and performed other light construction jobs on nine homes in the area. The participants, who paid their own expenses for the project, were divided into work crews. This allowed them to meet students from other churches in addition to spending time with their own youth group and is a formula still used today.

Currently, projects usually have 200-350 students per project.  Students work during the day and have worship/praise/devotional time in the evenings.

World Changers is sponsored by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

For more information, please go the World Changers website:  http://www.lifeway.com/worldchangers/