The Bible

Speedway Baptist Church affirms the Holy Bible to be the divinely inspired word of God, authoritative for faith and practice. We believe the scripture to be God’s self-revelation to humanity

 God; Jesus Christ; The Holy Spirit

Scripture reveals God to be the one and only God, sole creator of all that is. As the Creator, God is a living, spiritual, personal Being who rules, preserves, and redeems His creation. Love is the center by which all acts of God are derived.

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. The incarnation of God as the Son through the Holy Spirit, Jesus the Christ was born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus the Christ is God’s fullest self-revelation. His obedient life to the will of the Father fulfilled God’s plan of the reconciliation of humanity through the cross. God raised His son from the dead where he resides at the right hand of God as the sole Mediator between God and humanity.

The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of God revealed through the scripture from Genesis to Revelation. The Holy Spirit is the author and revealer of truth in scripture. Humanity experiences the power of the Holy Spirit through the exaltation of Jesus Christ, conviction of sin, comfort, and regeneration. Bestowing of spiritual gifts equally to men and women equips followers of Christ to serve the world through his Church.


Salvation is the redemption of the whole of humanity. It is a free gift of grace given to humanity through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Repentance and acceptance of this gift forever brings peace and favor with God to the one committing his/her life to the savior.

God’s intention for all to be saved excludes no one from his redeeming acts. God is the initiator of all acts of salvation found in His love for all the world. The fullest expression of that love is seen in the sending of His only Son.