Welcome from the Pastor

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website. We’re grateful for your interest. I am 100% positive you will appreciate us even more in person!

Speedway Baptist Church is a family of faith where all are welcome, wherever you come from, just as you are. We are on a journey together, helping each other follow the path of Jesus. We celebrate, we serve, we worship, we learn, we stumble, we help each other up, we grow… together. Because that’s what family does.

It’s a joy to be part of this wonderful congregation of believers and seekers. I come from Birmingham, Alabama, where I spent 13 years as the founding coordinator of PASSPORTkids! a national camp for children. In the 15 years prior to that, I served churches in Louisville, Kentucky, and my home state of Texas. My schooling has been all over the map, beginning with Kindergarten in Frostburg, Maryland; grade school in Bloomington, Indiana, and Austin, Texas; college at the University of Texas; and a master’s degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. At age 7, I discovered the quirky art form known as ventriloquism, which God developed into a ministry that has taken me across the USA and around the globe. Here at Speedway, it’s okay to talk about that dummy in the pulpit!

My wife, Michelle, and children Maggie and Ethan, are the greatest blessings in my life. They teach me daily how to love in the way God loves us. In Alabama, we provided a foster home and welcomed children of many ages and cultures into our family.

And that’s the way I think of Speedway Baptist Church. A home full of people from different walks of life that fosters our faith and challenges us to action as we carry on the loving, life-giving ministry of Jesus Christ in the world.

Won’t you join us on the journey?

Joyfully in Christ,

Mark McClintock

Speedway Baptist Church
2986  Moller Rd.
Speedway, IN 46224

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